The cleanest Clipboard Manager on macOS, ever!

Search and use everything you copied right at the input position, not in the menu bar 1000 miles away.

📥 Auto Save Copies

No need to worry about losing important content.

🚀 Easy to Use

⌘ + ; to bring up, 0-9 to paste, incredibly smooth.

🌈 Full Format

Supports all copyable formats, text, link, images, files and more.

⌨️ Input-focused Menu

The pop-up menu appears right at the input position.

🔍 Quick Search

Type a letter to instantly search and find even the oldest records.

🔖 Paste Stack

Copy content consecutively into a queue, then paste them in order

📱 View iPhone Records on Mac

Copy text and images on phone to view on Mac.

🔜 Coming Soon

Pinned records, iCloud sync, paste sequences are coming soon. Stay tuned!

# What makes CleanClip unique ✨

# What sets CleanClip apart from other clipboard software?

True minimalist UI

For any UI element, if you don't need it, CleanClip doesn't display it: Initially, only show the latest 5 records. When you want to browse more, it will expand to show 10 records per page. The search UI will only appear when you start typing letters.

Nearby Text Cursor

Context switching interrupts the flow of thoughts and can be very annoying. We have taken "refusing context switching" to the extreme by displaying it at the text input position.

# 👩‍💻 How People use CleanClip

# How individuals in various roles utilize CleanClip to enhance their productivity?

Collecting Images Design

With CleanClip, I can seamlessly find design inspiration without the need to constantly switch between apps. Just copy the images you like and paste them all at once when you return to the app.

Creating App Preview Images Design

Syncing data between iPhones and Macs can be a hassle at times. But now, with CleanClip, I can easily capture screenshots and copy all the information on your phone. CleanClip will automatically save all my copied records. Once you have collected all the information, I can effortlessly access it on my Mac and use it to create preview images.

Write travel plan Write

When I'm in the process of creating a travel plan, I often need to gather a multitude of images, screenshots, and text. CleanClip comes to my aid by allowing me to collect all this information in one go, making it convenient for me to use it later within the app.

Search email template Marketing

As a marketer, I need to send different types of emails to various clients. CleanClip has been a great tool for me as it stores all the email templates I have used, enabling me to retrieve them whenever needed.

Submit project information on 40+ websites Solopreneur

When promoting an app, it is often required to submit project information to multiple websites. With CleanClip, I can save time and effort by copying the information once and using it multiple times without having to go back and forth between project documents and different websites. This convenience makes CleanClip truly remarkable.

Search past commands Terminal

Some commonly used command parameters can be complex and hard to remember, like ffmpeg. However, I recall that I have used it before and I can easily find and use it in CleanClip.

# 🎉 Meet CleanClip Users

# From Reddit, the most genuine users all love CleanClip!

byu/auv1107 from discussion
byu/auv1107 from discussion
byu/auv1107 from discussion
byu/auv1107 from discussion
byu/auv1107 from discussion
byu/auv1107 from discussion

# 🙋🏻 Frequently Asked Questions

💻 Supported System Versions?

Supports macOS 12.0+.

🆓 Can I try it for free?

All features are available for free for 30 days.

💰 Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

No, we offer a free trial, allowing you to make payment only after you are satisfied with the trial.

👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓 Are there any educational discounts?

You can send an email to [email protected] using your educational email to get a 50% educational discount!

🕵️ Are there any discounts for other clipboard manager users?

You can send an email to 📮[email protected] using your email to get a 50% veteran discount!

# 🚀 Productivity 10x is not easy, 2x first

Early bird price - 50% off ends soon!
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