# A cheaper, more systematic alternative to Paste

# Enhance your clipboard as if it's a native system feature, not a third-party app

# The Problem

# Horizontal lists with large item blocks make it difficult to quickly scan and find what you need.

# CleanClip is Better

# Vertical list layout, one item per line, allows you to easily locate your target at a glance.

# CleanClip is Systematic

# CleanClip's list appears right where you're typing, like a system-level feature, maintaining your creative flow.

# One-time purchase, no subscription

# A one-time fee lower than Paste's annual subscription, with all features included.

# Also included

# Features you’d expect (and more!)

💡 Final Cut Pro naming support
💡 Hex color code support
💡 Full format compatibility
💡 Paste Stack feature
💡 Smart list filtering
💡 Quick split and copy
💡 Option to display only current app content

# Get started with CleanClip today

Last Updated: 6/30/2024, 10:50:45 AM